SAS Oracle Cloud Analytics engineered by Collier IT

SAS® Analytics Pro on Oracle Cloud engineered by Collier IT Enables Rapid Deployment of SAS Analytics

Start Building with Oracle Cloud
A turnkey, highly integrated and optimized SAS Analytics hosted in the Oracle Container Cloud environment, enabling our joint customers to accelerate their deployment.

Simplify and speed up deployment.

Our solution provides the build once, run anywhere flexibility of the container environment, delivering true containerized cloud analytics by making it easier and faster to use SAS Analytics in the cloud. You can access data from nearly any source. Perform sophisticated analyses. Transform raw data into meaningful information. Then present findings using visuals that help decision makers quickly grasp critical issues. And do all this in the cloud with modular containers that simplify deployment.

Reproduce an experiment at any stage in the research process.

Data scientists working on large, intricate problems can capture an experiment’s state – including data, code, results, package versions, parameters, etc. – at a single point in time. This allows them to quickly reproduce an experiment at any stage in the research process, which saves valuable time.


  • Container-ready SAS Analytics.
  • Provides true containerized cloud analytics – container-ready SAS software that is easy for data scientists to use, easy for IT to deploy.
  • Best-in-class statistical analysis techniques. Includes regressions, decision trees, Bayesian analysis, spatial point pattern analysis, missing data analysis and many more.
  • Web-based programming interface. Includes an intuitive interface, SAS® Studio, that lets you access SAS programs, data files and libraries from a web browser.
  • Powerful fourth-generation programming languages. Provides highly flexible and extensible 4GLs with easy-to-learn syntax.
  • Prebuilt SAS procedures (SAS PROCs). Handles many common tasks, including data manipulation and management, information storage and retrieval, sophisticated statistical and predictive analysis, and report writing.
  • SAS macro facility. Lets users extend and customize SAS programs by reducing the amount of coding required for common tasks.

1)      SAS users drive workloads specific to their analytics needs, and IT must often deploy non-standard hardware (i.e., workstations) for each user.  Procuring and configuring these environments can be labor intensive and time consuming activities.  Deploying SAS software on Oracle Cloud allows SAS users to get running quickly with no investment in new, specialized hardware.

2)      Deploying SAS Analytics Pro on Oracle Container Cloud Service allows for flexibility in the environments deployed.  It is as quick and easy to deploy a 2-core environment for a lightweight user as it is for a 16-core power user.

3)      SAS Analytics Pro on Oracle Container Cloud Service in the Cloud promotes efficient use of resources, as multiple users can leverage the same underlying compute infrastructure, especially if there are multiple users who run only lightweight jobs.

4)      SAS Analytics Pro on Oracle Container Cloud Service promotes team collaboration, as multiple users can leverage a common environment (such as common data sources) while maintaining separate, isolated environments for their work.

5)      SAS users can easily hook into an Oracle Database (DBCS or Exadata) or Hadoop Cluster in the Cloud to drive their analytic jobs as well.


Over the next five years, the cloud-based business analytics market is expected to grow five times faster than its on-premise counterpart

IDC - The Shift from on-premise to cloud analytics.


  • 78% are planning to increase the use of cloud and data management in the next twelve months.
  • 46% of organizations prefer public cloud platforms for cloud BI, analytics, and data management deployments.



SAS Analytics hosted on the Oracle
Container Cloud supported by Collier IT®

Where Cloud Analytics can help
  • IT Struggles to support independent SAS users.
  • It's difficult when the data moves away from the desktop.
  • Users are uncertain how to deploy to the cloud.
  • More applications are requiring analytics from the cloud. ie. The huge growth of Messaging Bots.
SAS Oracle Cloud Analytics engineered by Collier IT
SAS Oracle Cloud Analytics engineered by Collier IT
Data location
Where is your data?
  • Analytics applications need to be close to the data
  • If your data is in the cloud, your applications need to be there as well.
  • Cloud is a new paradigm for licensure, deployment, and payment
Business Issues
Elastic Analytics
  • 50%+ of SAS customers run their analytics against an Oracle database.
  • Oracle has strong initiatives to move their databases to the Oracle Cloud.
  • New security, performance, and cloud functionality is being added for cloud.
  • Finally, we can grow or shrink your environment as needed.
SAS Oracle Cloud Analytics engineered by Collier IT

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