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Easily deploy SAS Analytics in the cloud

Cloud Analytic Services

Container-ready SAS Analytics

Connect, prepare, and leverage data – big and small – from cloud or on-premise applications and sources by leveraging containers, microservices and a cloud-native architecture. Provides true containerized cloud analytics – container-ready SAS software that is easy for data scientists to use, easy for IT to deploy.

Cloud Analytic Services
Cloud Analytic Services
Run SAS Analytics in the cloud.

Answer business questions in just a few clicks with best-of-breed business intelligence.  Uncover unique insights and take action right at the point of decision.  Includes an intuitive interface, SAS® Studio, that lets you access SAS programs, data files and libraries from a web browser.

Simplify and speed up deployment.

Our solution provides the build once, run anywhere flexibility of the container environment, delivering true containerized cloud analytics by making it easier and faster to use SAS Analytics in the cloud. You can access data from nearly any source. Perform sophisticated analyses. Transform raw data into meaningful information. Then present findings using visuals that help decision makers quickly grasp critical issues. And do all this in the cloud with modular containers that simplify deployment.

Cloud Analytic Services
Cloud Analytic Services
Best-in-class statistical analysis techniques.

Engage and convince your key audiences with stunning dashboards while bringing across your message – to the point and backed by data. Includes regressions, decision trees, Bayesian analysis, spatial point pattern analysis, missing data analysis and many more.

Reproduce an experiment at any stage in the research process.

A cloud-native architecture enables flexible and agile development.  With all this, you can focus on solving your business problems instead of spending your time with plenty of technical issues in static and inflexible legacy architectures.

Cloud Analytic Services

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